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Our Story

      My name is Greg Stemmler and my wife Lisa and I have decided to take some time and explore this amazing land of ours via RV travel .  We are both avid outdoors fans and nothing makes us happier  than to go diving, surfing, mountain biking, kayaking or anything else that helps us maximize our fun, adventure and time in the great outdoors.  Most RV websites focus on just the campgrounds and unfortunately are set up for a more senior audience. We, however, are still holding in our 40’s and live like we are still in our 20’s.  That’s why our idea of RV travelling is slightly different than the norm.  It is for this reason that we have created this website, to help stand as a guide and source of reference for those that are looking to maximize their outdoor adventures (travelling the U S).  Also, there is no need to have an RV to follow our guides, just the desire to explore the beauty of our world and all the amazing things it has to offer.  One more thing, everything we do and detail on our site can be done on a minimal budget .  We will show you how immerse yourself in U S travel without spending a fortune.

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