Recommendations for the active traveler

I am going to log our r.v. travels through the U.S. I had a hard time
finding information on where to go,what to do via an R.V. Each blog will describe
the experiences we had during RV travel.I welcome any advice or thoughts you may
have touring the US …I hope these posts inspire you to get out of your comfort
zone,and try new things,in new places. We were shocked on how great of
an experience R.V. travel across the U.S. is.


We started out by taking RV weekend trips,with my parents Class B
coach.After several trips,we knew that we were ready to make the
investment…There are several means of RV travel options(each have
advantages…depending on who  you ask ,and which day).We chose a 5th
Wheel,as it fit our active lifestyle best.A few vehicle modifications
have helped!

It amazes us to see all of the modes that are used to experience RV travel .From a tent,to a
pod,to a million dollar class a(with 7 t.v.’s)


Back-up Cam-this has really made a difference in our RV travel.I use it mostly to keep
me informed on what is going on behind me(wired to be constant on). Ex: merging traffic ,I have
to move over quickly…(also,bikes hanging half off of their rack)

Garmin Navigation-shows roads that allow for our height,weight ,and
length across the US . Also shows upcoming rest areas,diesel gas
stations,restaurants,etc (saves a lot of stress,and curse jar not
Good ol fashioned road map(AAA offers to members for free)
google maps isn”t always perfect…

Next exit travel guide-shows opportunities ahead 




Plot your RV travel route with several options .

Have National,State,Army Corp Parks,etc saved on your computer.These
parks typically are a great price,and have something unique to offer
(not packed like sardines). Also , have memberships like Harvest Host , Passport America , Thousand Trails , Good sam’s , AAA  , etc.

Full disclosure: many of our best  RV travel experiences were stumbled upon,when my chronic back pain kicked in…

Don’t be afraid to ask people staying in the RV park questions.This has
been our best travel experience,by far ! You will meet the nicest , and unique
people at RV parks… Even gain Facebook friends???


Computer chip-added to better regulate temperatures when towing,etc.(increases mpg) several settings can be customized-(I use economy and tow mode)  – shows engine & transmission true temperature – accurately,gauges are very vague . It also shows rpm’s(I run at 2,000 rpm in gear 5,for best fuel efficiency)

Tire-minder system- monitors tire pressure and temperature every 10 seconds. instantly reports any fluctuations(and which wheel)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Carry 2 spare wheels on your RV -a double flat is common.                                                                                                      Have the necessary tools to do roadside repairs

Hotspot-most campgrounds offer internet,but we found not that dependable…

Cell phones: we chose to have different carriers,to double our odds of coverage! having the ability to tether(for internet) has also helped a lot

Stream: Pandora radio, Netflix , Amazon prime,etc. are great sources to keep you entertained on those rainy days…